My paintings are an investigation into the female experience in our time. I reference art history and contemporary culture through fictional portraits and allegorical scenes embedded in a fanciful reality. Varied marks and exaggerated colors generate psychological depth within a slightly off-kilter and in flux environment. I find myself most interested in the teetering edge of form, beauty, and materiality. Within a work, I toy with visual hierarchy, varying levels of abstraction, and painting styles to create an environment that is both vague and familiar, jarring and pleasing, misleading and malleable. The figure(s)’ motives, actions, and relationships are usually unclear, and often the figures themselves blur into the background. The moment in which imagery unravels- that point where a person’s perception is upended- and how easily perception can be manipulated, are key subjects in my paintings.

Lauren Moses is a native of West Virginia with deep ties to central Virginia. After earning a BA in History from The University of Virginia she received a BFA from Virginia Commonwealth University, where she was awarded the Edward Steinberg Painting Prize.

Lauren cites her grandparents, who were creatives in their own right, as major influences. Her grandmother enjoyed painting lush local landscapes and her grandfather often shared music and stories rich in the Appalachian cultural tradition. His stories were unforgettable due to their elaborate hyperbole, rich details and characters, and memorable jargon and diction unique to the region.

Lauren learned to play fiddle and to sing with no formal training. After graduating from UVA, she pursued a music career professionally in Nashville, TN. She continues to play in bands locally in Virginia, but in more recent years, her love of writing and playing music expanded into making visual art. Namely, figurative paintings that transpose this southern cultural backdrop and tradition of storytelling into portraits and scenes that raise thought-provoking questions about the feminine condition in our time.

She resides in Charlottesville, Virginia with her husband and three children and shows her works in various venues and galleries in the region.


Born 1985
Lives and works in Charlottesville, VA

2015 B.F.A., Painting & Printmaking, Minor in Art History, Virginia Commonwealth University

2007 B.A., History, University of Virginia



Teeny Tiny Trifecta Two, Second Street Gallery, Charlottesville, VA


Free Delivery, curated by Ralph Pugay, VCU, Richmond, VA FAB, VCU FAB Gallery, Richmond, VA

Interaction 46, The Fishbowl Gallery, Richmond, VA


Drawing with History, McGuffey Art Center, Charlottesville, VA

2015 Ed Steinberg Painters Award at Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA 2014-2015


Print Collection of the Painting and Printmaking Department, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA


Studio Visit Magazine juried by George Kinghorn, Director and Curator, University of Maine Museum of Art, published by Open Studios Press, 2019

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